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Osteopaths generally use their hands to treat patients with "musculo-skeletal" conditions. These include common aches and pains due to strains/falls or overuse as well as more long term back pain and joint problems.

Ailments such as headaches, neck pain, shoulder problems along with nerve problems such as sciatica often respond well to osteopathic treatment.

But it's not "just bones!". Soft tissue injuries such as muscle and ligament strains are commonly treated conditions.


Typically this consists of stretching or massaging muscles that are tight or contracted, along with mobilising, or on some occasions manipulating joints that have become stiff or “locked”.


Preventative and rehab exercises are also used to help resolve the problem or stop it re-occuring.

The aim is to restore balance back to the body so that it can function properly without compensations. Reducing strain by postural re-education and advice may also be instructed.

What to expect

Before a treatment is carried out you have a consultation. We discuss your problem and related medical issues. This is followed by a thorough examination, which includes checking your joints, muscles and nerves, assessing for weak points, or tissues under strain that you may not be aware. After the examination we discuss what treatment options you have available to help you improve.

What to Wear

Normal day clothes are fine. To enable the Osteopath to examine you thoroughly, it will be necessary to see the affected joints and associated areas that you may not initially think are linked with your problem. For example if you are suffering with low back pain, you may be asked to undress to your underwear. Therefore wear “ sensible underwear”!, or bring some shorts if you prefer.

Exercise Rehab


Specific exercises may also be instructed to compliment treatment plans alongside therapy sessions. These may involve stretches for tight muscles and strengthening exercises for weakened or compensated muscles.


The initial consultation/treatment session is charged at £75 with subsequent treatment sessions being £58 each.

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